Why Scottish Country Dance ?

Good reasons, from a 3rd year Comox Valley dancer:

This is my third year to dance with the Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancers. I love it. The people are generous and warm; the music makes you want to dance; the instruction is superb; and the physical and memory exercise is great. I was lost all of the first year. The kindness of my fellow dancers kept me going in the right direction, most of the time. Nearing the end of my second year I began to get the lingo well enough to understand the cribs—dance instructions available online. Then I could actually begin to study the dance figures at home. Then I had the confidence to venture out to the club in Nanaimo for their yearend dance. This fall, while visiting my sister in Manhatten we dropped in at St. Barts where the New York City dancers hold their classes. Same as everywhere else: warm and welcoming folks, great instructions and fun dances.

Health Benefits:

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