Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancers

Valentines Ball 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Ball was a resounding success!
Thanks to all who came, to Keith and Muriel for wonderful music,
and to all who worked to make it happen.
See photos below.

Native Sons Hall

360 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay

Music by Muriel Johnstone and Keith Smith

(photo by Joanne Reid, 2007)



... have gone up a little this year because we have engaged a new caterer: Dinner and a light midnight supper included.


Carved Roast Beef and Roasted Potatoes and Gravy Tossed Salad, Japanese Noodle, Caesar Salad, Spinach Salad, Vegetarian Lasagna, Seasonal Vegetables with Ranch Dip, Basket of Dinner Rolls, International Cheese Tray, Relish Tray, Hot Seasonal Vegetables, Fresh Sliced Fruit Tray, Selection of Desserts, Coffee and Tea

Dance Programme

All dances will be briefed.

Click for cheat sheets in PDF format, or in plain text format.

------ Grand March, leading to a Waltz ------
Joie de Vivre 32J3  39/2
Lady Dumfries 32R3 MMM1
Fair Donald 32S3 28/3
Just As I Was in the Morning 40J2 19/3
The Braes of Tulliemet 32S3 7/12
The Flowers of Edinburgh 32R3 1/6
Miss Nancy Frowns 32J3 14/5
The Lea Rig 32S2 21/5
***The Buchan Eightsome Reel 40R4 21/8
---------- Interval ---------------
The Laird of Milton’s Daughter 32J3 22/10
Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy 32S3 20/8
***Da Rain Dancin’ 32R3 Whiteadder Coll
Joe MacDiarmid’s Jig 32J4 5 SCD for ’82
Well Kent 32S3 Goldring-A Reel for Alice
The Montgomeries’ Rant 32R3 10/1
-------------- Waltz-----------------

*** indicates a dance requiring more experience.