Sugar Candie 32S3 26/9




1 - 4

1st cpl. set & cast off one place. 2s up on 3+4.

5 - 8

1st cpl. pass LS, cast around 1st corners (passing them by the right) & curve into the middle, ending back to back, 1M facing down, 1W facing up.

9 12

1W with 2s, 1M with 3s, dance three hands round. On bar 12, 1st cpl. pull RS back to finish facing each other in the middle.

13 16

1st cpl. set & turn both hands to end facing 1st corners.

17 24

Turn corner, partner, corner, partner (on bar 24, 1M face down & 1W face up)

25 30

LS reels of three on the sides with corners

31 32

1st cpl. cross RH to 2nd place.




Repeat, having passed a couple.