Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancers

Valentines Ball 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The ball was a great success! See below for photos.

Thanks to all who made it happen. And thanks to all who came to dance - we hope to see you again February 16, 2008!

Music by Muriel Johnstone and Keith Smith

(photo by Joanne Reid, 2007)

Dance Programme

To get a cheat sheet, click on the dance name.
To get them all in one PDF file, click here.

------ Grand March, leading to a Waltz ------
The Machine Without Horses 32J3 12/12
The Fiddlehead 32S2 (6x)Dunsmuir Dances
Red House 40R2 7/2
Lady Home's Jig 32J3 MMM1
Finlay Stewart Skinner 32S3 Allanton Coll. #2
Jessie’s Hornpipe 32R3 8/9
***The Nurseryman 32J3 37/7
***Up in the Air 32S3 20/2
Anderson’s Rant 32R3 MMM 1
---------- Interval ---------------
J. B. Milne 32R3 Foss
Dalkeith’s Strathspey 32S3 9/6
Roaring Jelly 32J3 Glendarroch #6
***None So Pretty 40R3 19/1
***Jim Dougal of Eyemouth32S3 (3 cpl. set) Blackadder Coll. #10
The Luckenbooth Brooch 32J3 Glendarroch #28
The Montgomeries’ Rant 32R3 10/1
-------------- Waltz-----------------

We are Ready!

Folk Arriving

The Banquet Table

Ready To Dance

Evelyn and Heather

Joan and Heather