The Fiddlehead                    32S2                              Dunsmuir Dances




 1 - 4

1st cpl. set & cross over Right hands.

 5 – 8

1st & 2nd cpls. set.  1M casts down one place, 2M casts up one place, while 1st & 2nd W turn left hands to face partners in a diag. line between 1M & 2W’s places.

 9 – 16

Reel of 4 on the diag.  (Women curve to their right on bar 16 to end on the sides, facing partners.)

 1st cpl. are in 2nd place on opp. sides.

 17 – 24

Ladies’ chain.

 25 – 32

1st cpl. cross up R hands through 2nd cpl, cast off one place,

& turn R hand once round.




Repeat, having passed a couple.