The Luckenbooth Brooch        32J3                 Glendarroch Sheets #28




 1 – 8

1st cpl., in promenade hold, (1W on left of 1M),  RS reel of 3 with 2nd cpl.  (RS to 2M)

1st cpl. end in centre facing down, 2’s end in 1st place.

 9 – 16

1st cpl. repeat reel of 3 with 3rd cpl.  1’s end in centre facing men’s side, 3’s end in 3rd place.

17 – 24

While 2nd & 3rd cpls. dance rights & lefts,

1st cpl. dance out between 2M & 3M places, separate & cast –

man up, woman down -  meet in centre, dance out between 2W & 3W places, cast – man up, woman down – to end 1M between 2’s, all facing down, 1W between 3’s, all facing up.

25 – 28

Take hands and all set twice

29 – 32

1st cpl. turn RH 1+ 3/4  to finish in promenade hold facing down , ready to begin again.




Repeat, having passed a couple.




NB.  The 2nd time through,  bars 29-30, 1st cpl. turn 3/4 & on 31-32, dance down to 4th place as 4’s step up.