Roaring Jelly 32J3 Glendarroch Sheets # 6




1 - 4

1st cpl. cross R hands, & cast off on place. 2s up on 3+4.

5 8

1st cpl. cross R hands & 1M casts up to end between 2nd cpl. & 1W casts off to end between 3rd cpl.

9 16

All 3 cpls. dance 6 hands round & back, ending in lines of 3, facing up & down.

17 24

1st cpl. cross R hands & dances a figure of 8; 1M around 3rd cpl.

passing 3M, R shoulder to begin. 1W dances around 2nd cpl.

passing 2W, R shoulder to begin.

1st cpl. end in 2nd place on opposite sides .

25 30

R shoulder reels of 3 on the sides (1M up, 1W down)

31 32

1st cpl. cross to own side, 2nd place, with R hands.




Repeat, having passed a couple.