The Montgomeries’ Rant                                 32R3           10/1




 1 – 8

1st cpl. cross RH, cast off, cross back LH & 1M cast down & 1W cast up.        (1W face 2M, 1M face 3W)

 9 – 16

RS reels of 3 across the dance, 1W with 2nd cpl., 1M with 3rd cpl.

17 - 24

1 cpl., nearer hands joined, set to 2W, turn inwards & change hands to set to 3M, then 3W, & change hands to set to 2M;

on last setting step, turn back to back, 1M facing up & 1W down.

25 – 30

Reels of 3 on sides  (1st cpl. RS to 2nd corners to begin).

31 - 32

1st cpl. cross RH to own sides in 2nd place.






Repeat, having passed a couple.