Dances We Danced, Year 2022-2023

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Neidpath Castle 32S3
Luckenbooth Brooch **** 32J3
Odd Thoughts 32S3
Sandy Butterly 32R4
Sugar Candie **** 32S3
The Jubilee Jig 32J3
Muse Cottage
The Machine Without Horses32J3
The Dancing Bees 32R3(as a strathspey)
Roaring Jelly32J3
The Barmkin
The Deil Among the Tailors 32R3
Argyll's Fancy 48J4
Monymusk 32S4
Catch the Wind 32R3
12 Coates Crescent 32S4
White Cockade 32R3
Flowers of Edinburgh 32R3
EH3 7AF 32J3
The Lea Rig **** 32S2
Lady Maxwell's Reel 32M3
Corn Rigs
Muse Cottage
Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan **** 32R5
Blue Bonnets 32J3
Rakes of Glasgow 32S3
Linton Ploughman 32J2
Bridge of Nairn *** 32S3
The Wild Geese 32J3
Kendall's Hornpipe 32J2
Jimmy's Fancy **** 32S3
The Gentleman 32S3 Video Instructions